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Dressale: Black Jewel Neck Cocktail Dress

I do not remember how, but I have visited, I was showing off for my sister and my mom, just like me, they were very excited and could not stop watching it. There are lots of sample dresses, wedding dresses, shoes, accessories ... very nice! And so then we can not ignore this dress, it's really nice, very elegant, stylish and bold. This dress is really attractive, it also brings charm irresistible.

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10 Cocktail Dresses makes you fashionable and charming!

This is my collection, suitable for air summer is coming, for the lady love tidy, but still impressive and charming. You can select any of the samples in this collection, to the party for coming summer. I chose the soft colors, simple to get you comfortable, cool and fresh.
Come, enjoy the early summer air filled with sweet and hot!

Elegant Jewel Neckline Long Sleeves Cocktail Dress with Lace Overlay

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Dressale Wish-list

Hello, today I will write about my choice wish list in Please click on the image below to help me !!!

First I select two Cocktail Dress, it is very suitable for a young lady charming and dynamic.
It look stunning!


Next is two accompanying accessories, costume helps immensely splendid.

Also, I chose two pair boots for costumes and dynamic personality, I love the color of it.


To check out the dress for yourself click here:

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Littlest Things

The littlest things that take me there
I know it sounds lame but its so true
I know its not right, but it seems unfair
That the things reminding me of you
Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if only for one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end? 

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